Satsuma Silken Windhounds


About Us


We are a small Kennel in Lakeland Florida. All of our dogs live in our home with us. We compete in Conformation with our Silken Windhounds. We have a Japanese Chin that lives with our Silken Windhounds, both of our breeds live together in harmony. We are are also competing in Lure Coursing, Straight Racing and Oval Racing with our Silken Windhounds. We believe in getting involved in activities that we know our dogs will love. We believe in completely socializing all of our dogs in different situations with people of all ages, different dog breeds and our cat, so that our dogs will feel comfortable anywhere. We are completely devoted to our animals, as they bring us much love and joy.

Any litters we will have will be carefully thought out and selected. We believe in health testing our dogs before considering breeding them. Conformation and personality are a big factor in considering who we will use in our breeding program, as we are breeding to better the breed. We believe in starting our dogs out with early stimulation by doing super puppy exercises with them and using early neurological toys. All of our puppies/dogs are microchipped, wormed regularily and up to date on shots. Being a responsible breeder is very important to us. Any dogs that we place in a home will always have a home with us, no matter how old the animal is. We will always be there for you and you will always have our support through your dog’s life.


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