Satsuma Silken Windhounds


Dog Placement Questionnaire


Home Phone
Cell Phone
Work Phone
You live in
Do you have a pool or spa
Is it protected
What size property do you have
Do you have a yard
What is your yard size
Is it fully fenced
Fence height
You work from
Do you have children
If yes, how old are they
Do you have any dogs now
What breeds
How many dogs do you have
Are they neutered or spayed
If no, are there plans to
Do you have other pets
Have you had dogs before
What breed
Did you have any problems
Do you plan to breed
Have you bred dogs before
Why do you want a dog
What breed are you looking for
Why do you want that breed
Please describe your ideal dog
Where will the dog be daily
Where will the dog sleep
How long will the dog be alone
How will the dog get exercise
What activities do you enjoy
When did you want to get a dog
Do you want a Pet or Show dog
Do you want a male or female
How Strong is your choice
What age dog do you want
How Strong is your preference
Please list Veterinarian References
Please list Personal References
How did you find us